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Admission Taiwan Huayu BEST Scholarship

Taiwan Huayu BEST Scholarship



1. Be at least 18 years old, have good academic performance, good conduct and be a French Gustavus.
    Students at Université Gustave Eiffel.
2. Those who meet one of the following qualifications are not allowed to apply:


  • Overseas Chinese identity or Taiwan
  • Equivalent student status from Taiwan
  • During his stay in Taiwan, he was also an exchange student enrolled by major schools in China based on academic cooperation

           agreements signed with foreign schools

  • Those who also receive awards and subsidies set up by Taiwan government agencies or schools




1. Awardees are required to apply for a foreigner to study in Taiwan Chinese apply for a stay visa.
2. Visa application form (to be completed and printed online in the system of the Consular Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of
    Foreign Affairs, link:https://visawebapp.boca.gov.tw/BOCA_EVISA/
3. A copy of your passport (valid for at least 6 months)
4. 2 color photographs (passport size) within 6 months
5. Proof of health examination
6. Study proposal
7. Proof of financial resources within 3 months (over €1,700)




1. Proof of admission permit


1. Fill out the「臺灣優華語獎學金申請表-Taiwan Huayu BEST Scholarship Application Form」.
2. Photocopy of the diploma of higher education and the transcript (both must be translated into Chinese or English) 
3. A photocopy of your passport.
4. 2-inch photos
5. Proof of financial resources within 3 months (over €1,700)

Please send the 1 to 5 documents by email to: angus88330@mail.ntue.edu.tw


Please indicate "Apply for Taiwan Huayu BEST Program Scholarship - Your Name" (e.g. apply for Taiwan Huayu BEST Program

Scholarship - Wang Datong). Overdue application materials and incomplete documents will not be accepted.




1. The monthly scholarship is NT$25,000 (approximately 730 euros, which fluctuates according to the NTD-EUR exchange rate).

    Awardees are required to bear the tuition fee, dormitory accommodation, airfare, insurance, miscellaneous fees, etc.

    of the Chinese language course.

2. Subsidy period: Summer (June to July, two months in total).

3. Awardees are required to open an account in Taiwan on a stay visa, and the scholarship will be directly credited to their

    account in Taiwan. If the duration of study is less than 90 days, the scholarship will be paid in cash.




1. Take at least 15 hours of Mandarin classes per week at NTUE. Cultural visits, lectures, self-study courses and activities are not included.

     The expenses related to the Chinese language course shall be borne by the awardee.

2. Awardees are required to participate in the Hands Together Programme and attend language teaching activities

    in the classrooms or clubs of partner primary and secondary schools to help promote English education

    in Taiwan's primary and secondary schools.

3. Awardees take the Chinese Language Proficiency Test (TOCFL) at their own expense.

4. Provide a short training experience at NTUE before returning to your home country.






**Notification of Regulation from Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health **

1. Please complete the chest X-ray tuberculosis examination in your home country and provide

measles and rubella antibody positive test report or vaccination certificate and chest X-ray

tuberculosis inspection report before entering Taiwan; or complete the above examination within

14 days after arriving in Taiwan.

2. Foreign students need to have insurance when entering the country. please make sure that you

insure for your medical insurance before enrollment.



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