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QA-summer camp

Q11:Are the parents allowed to accompany the students on the extracurricular field trips? If a field trip is cancelled, will it be rescheduled?

For security reasons, the itineraries of the field trips are carefully planned and we have made sure the activities selected and are age-appropriate for the children. If a child is cannot to attend the field trip due to age, health, personal reason, or parental reasons, the parent is allowed to withdraw the student from that particular trip. But the fee will not be refunded. Also, parents are not allowed to accompany the children on the field trips. CLEC reserves the right to modify or adjust the itinerary if certain circumstances (e.g. weather, cancellation by the location, etc.). If a trip is cancelled due to one of the reasons previously listed, we apologize in advance we will be unable to reschedule the particular trip due to scheduling constraints.

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