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QA-summer camp

Q4. How do I sign up for the summer program? After applying for the program, how will I be notified?

You are able to directly fill in the application form online(https://nsa.ntue.edu.tw/e01/e01310) or you may download the application form and fill it out by hand. Please fill out this application form and send it to us either by mail or email (please do not fax us the application). After we receive your registration, we will email you a confirmation notice within 3 working days. If you do not receive a notice from us within a week, please email or give us a call. We will send a confirmation letter to inform you that we have received your application. After reviewing all the applications, we will send out admission announcement and payment notice. You must complete all requirements in this payment notice within 5 working days; if not, you will be automatically dropped from our roster and must reapply.

After all registration and payment forms are completed, we will send you a notification certifying that your child has signed up for the program. About a month before the start of the summer program, we will send you reminder email. Because e-mail is the best way to reach the parents, we hope that the parents routinely check their e-mails in case a change has to be made.

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