online course

Individual online class(one-to-one online course)

Flexible learning schedule:You could choose the class times according to your  personal needs.But you have to register at least 15 hours at one time, and each class needs to be at least 1.5 hours in duration.

  • General individual class ( Prescribed texdtbook of CLEC)
  • Special individual class(Students specify teaching materials/texbooks/topics, such asdiplomacybusinessTOCFLChildren's Mandarin etc.)

Application Process:

1.Submit the online application form

(1)Adult mandarin(above 15 years old) : online application (please click on me)

(2)Children's mandarin(6~15 years old) : online application (please click on me)

2. CLEC office will reply you by email in 5 working days.

3.Confirm the course information sent by CLEC office and complete the  remittance.

4. When we receive your payment, we will notify you of the time of the online meeting( 5~10 mins)before the class starts. The teacher will discuss the learning needs with you.

5.Start the class on the date you specify


Group online class

►Class size:3~8 students

►Class time: The following schedules are all according to Taiwan time(GMT+8).

                      Classes are held twice a week, onTuesdays and Thurdays, total of 30 hours.                         




►Fees: Original price NT$11,500 (including registration fee NTD500)(US$430)

           Returning students: NT$6,500(US$270)

     New students:

                →Beginner: For students who have never learned Chinese.

                                     Special price NT$6,500(US$270) Registration method: Please register at the registration website(please click on me).

                →Students who have ever learned Mandarin before:

                                    Special price NT$7,500(US$320)  Registration method: Please register at the registration website(please click on me).


※Course regulations and related instructions

1. This course is taught online. Please prepare your own video equipment (such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.) with Internet access. After the start of each class, if your network or equipment experiences any problems which affect the running of the course, no make-up class will be given that is within 5 minutes; if affects more than 5 minutes, half an hour of class time will be deducted, and the remaining time must be made up within 7 days.  If you are unable to attend class and cannot contact your teacher, please notify the office by email at as soon as possible.

  •  It is recommended that the bandwidth download speed (Download Speed) is more than 10 Mbps and the upload speed (Upload Speed) are more than 2 Mbps.

You can perform a bandwidth test first at:

2.After the course time is scheduled,it is not allowed to be arbitrarily transferred, so please make sure to arrive at class on time. The number of class hour should be completed  within the scheduled period. 

3.Both teachers and students must log in 3 minutes before the daily course starts, and confirm that there are no problems with the network or equipment, so that they can start the class on time.

4.Leave requirements: If  you need to ask for leave,you must notify the teacher or office( 24 hours before the class. The maximum number of leave for a one-month course is 2 times, and no make-up lessons will be provided in these instances. If you need to make up classes, you should complete them within 7 days after the end of the course at the latest, and you can't request make-up classes after the deadline.