02.How to apply for a residence visa for studying Chinese?

Remarks: Only those who wish to study Chinese in Taiwan for more than 180 days (6 months) need to apply.

After studying Chinese in Taiwan for 4 months without leaving the country, and having completed both registration and payment for the next semester, you can then apply to the Consular Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the following documents.

1. Visa application form: Please fill out the visa application form online

2. Certificate of enrollment

3. Attendance record

4. Health check certificate (results usually take about 2 weeks to process, so please go to the hospital for check up early).

5. Proof of funds (about 80,000 Taiwan dollars).

6. Your study plan.

7. Two photos

8. Original and photocopy of passport



      • It takes about 10-14 working days to apply for a visa. Please complete the application before the visa expires. It is recommended to apply at least 14 days before the visa expires.
      • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sometimes requires applicants for residence visas to provide a guarantor. The center cannot serve as a guarantor for students.