Q-2:Can I apply to join the National Health Insurance?

(1) After obtaining the residence permit, foreigners can apply for national health insurance only if they have lived in Taiwan for 6 months (during which period they can only spend less than 30 days outside of the country, and the actual stay must still total 6 months).

(2)How to apply

  • Take your residence permit to the district office where you live (please go to the city office for other counties or cities) to apply for additional insurance.
    • Must provide a "Residence Permit", a completed "Insurance Form" and "One Two-inch Photo" to apply for a health insurance IC card at the Taipei Branch of the Central Health Insurance Bureau.
  • For more details,please contact:
    • Taipei Branch of the Central Health Insurance Bureau:
    • https://www.nhi.gov.tw/
    • Phone: (02) 2191-2006
      Address: 5th Floor, No. 15-1 Gongyuan Road, Taipei City