Q-1:How should foreign students in Taiwan participate in the national health insurance?

A: Foreign students who have resided in Taiwan for at least six months with a residence certificate can apply for health insurance for their school as the insured unit.
The so-called "residence in Taiwan for six months" refers to living in Taiwan for six consecutive months or leaving the country for less than 30 days. The actual period of residence is six months after deducting the number of days of leaving the country.
The insurance fee is NT$749/month, and each time you need to pay for three months (NT$2,247).
The documents required to apply for enrollment in the National Health Insurance are as follows:
1. National Health Insurance Application Form
2. A two-inch photo.
3. A copy of the Alien Residence Permit.
4. Copy of passport.
Reference from the website of the Central Health Insurance Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare: